Atlanta Hams is a website to introduce you to Amateur Radio in the Metro-Atlanta area and make matches between you and neighborhood clubs that you may be interested in

Getting Started



All amateur radio operators must be licensed by the FCC in the US.  In exchange for your 10 year license, you get to operate on an exclusive set of frequencies dedicated to or shared by hams. 

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Take The Exam

The entry level license, called the Technician license, requires a 35 question, multiple choice test.  This test is administered by local hams called Volunteer Examiners. Some examiners charge around $15 , others offer it for free as a service of the local club.

There is an additional administrative fee of $35 paid directly to the FCC after your testing is complete.

See a recent list of testing locations.

Find a Club

Everyone needs a little help getting started once you have passed your test.  There are over 15 clubs in the Metro Atlanta area.  Find the one that best suits your location or interests.

Visit our club list.

Still have questions?

Atlanta Ham Jim R – N4BFR – recently did a virtual “Ham Radio Lunch and Learn” with Decatur Makers that answers some of the bigger questions you may have. Watch his video on YouTube.